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Happily raising your future family member - healthy, affectionate, medium energy, allergy friendly and low shedding.

We believe the head start our puppies receive makes all the difference. They are born into this world surrounded by love and kindness. Raised in our home as part of our family, receiving lots of attention, early handling and exposure to household sights and sounds. The extra care and attention now results in a loving and social new family member for you.


Blue Skye Doodles is dedicated to responsibly raising the best large miniature and moyen (medium) sized Aussiedoodles, Aussie Mountain Doodles a.k.a. Aussie Bernedoodles and Bernedoodles with temperaments suitable for Therapy and/or Service Dog work or to be your new beloved family member. We fell in love with Doodle hybrids when my son raised a future service dog as an Eagle Project and have made it our goal to see more families enjoy them. We are proud to be able to occasionally donate a puppy to a non-profit to be a future service dog.  We are passionate about what we are doing and think it shows through in every puppy we place in the arms of their new family.

Mini Aussiedoodle -

Mini Aussiedoodle -

planned aussiedoodle litters

Large miniature and moyen size Aussiedoodles of approximately 20-30lbs. Merle, Merle Tricolor, Black Tricolor & Phantom (black & tan).

Aussie Mountain Doodles - www.blueskyedoodl

Aussie Mountain Doodles -

planned aussie mountain doodles (aussie bernedoodles) & bernedoodles

Moyen (medium) to small standard size Aussie Mountain Doodles, a.k.a. Aussie Bernedoodles & Bernedoodles of approximately 30-50lbs. Considered to be mini Bernedoodles compared to a standard size Bernedoodle. Black Tricolor, Black Tricolor Parti, Phantom (black & tan) and Merle Tricolors.